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When the cells in the body are diseased, or an organ is not working to its optimum capacity, illness is the result. Chemically induced intervention can suppress the symptoms but do not address the root cause of this disease.
Here at Juniper Green, you will be treated for your specific problem, in a relaxed and serene environment. Your health can be restored by supplying energy to organs and glands. This will revitalize the body and return it to its natural state.
There are no after-effects. No allergies. No pain or discomfort after treatment.
The body has an innate ability to heal itself with a little coaxing from a natural source. Our treatments have instant response and most patients leave without pain or previous symptoms after just one treatment.


What They Say


“What an amazing experience! Katalina is a great healer. She is caring and very intuitive.

After every visit, I walked away feeling energized and in good spirits.

A few days after the treatment I could still feel my body responding to it.
I would walk into Katalina’s practice feeling anxious and stressed and within minutes after starting treatment I felt my energy shifting and I became relaxed and calm.

I would recommend her to anyone who has physical or emotional issues/concerns. She has helped me to become happier and healthier”.

Wim Olivier

“Assemblage Point Correction therapy reduces anxiety
I have known Katalina for 10 years now, and for about 8 of those years she has been helping me by
reducing my anxiety with her Assemblage Point Correction therapy, and also teaching me how my energy field
and mental state works, and how I can control it more effectively.
My work is of quite a high-pressure nature, and my mind is very busy, which causes some anxiety in me.
I have also read up on the topic of the Human Assemblage Point, and now have quite a good understanding of why and how it works.
Once I’ve started to feel what it feels like to have my Assemblage Point in the correct location,
it became easy for me to know when it’s moved to far and that I should go see Katalina again for
another correction.
This has also helped me through the more than 2 years of my divorce process, and all the stress and anxiety I experienced during that time.
Katalina is an amazing healer, and also thank you for amazing Assemblage Point Correction therapy!


Meeting Katalina has been one of the joys of my personal journey to overall wellbeing. This, because Katalina, has consistently and lovingly offered a space that is warm, welcoming, and comforting and a space in which I have been able to bring myself into alignment, the result of which has been my own inner healing. When we met, almost ten years ago, I had been diagnosed with heavy metal poisoning, and my Doctor recommended that I undergo light therapy to soften the impact of the medical treatments I was receiving at the time. I soon realized that one’s physical health goes beyond the physical body and that it is intricately connected to emotional as well mental health. The light therapy that is offered by Katalina, is unique in that it assists in brining balance and alignment to these non-physical aspects of life, which, in turn, cultivate wholistic and overall health, vitality and vibrance. Katalina’s approach to the problems which I was facing when we first met, made a enormous impact on me and just after a few treatments of the light therapy, I noticed a transformation, not only in how I felt, but also in my outlook on life itself. Within two years of medical treatments, the heavy metal levels in my body were declared to be at an acceptable level. Due to the positive outcome of the treatments, I have continued ongoing light therapy over the years. What I love best about this wellness protocol, is that it is non-invasive and because it works at a level beyond the physical, it can be used to assist with various conditions, which we as human beings may experience from time to time. We have since become dear friends, for Katalina is somebody whom I trust and confide in. Her kindness, compassion, empathy and intuition are essential qualities which are found in abundance in those special people who wish sincerely to make a difference and help others to improve their quality of life. My deepest gratitude remains always for having had this wonderful opportunity and enriching life experience.


I have been treated by Katalina Mcfarlane Dorward @ Juniper Green Health on two separate occasions.

She is an Alternative Medicine Practitioner, and I have known her for 15 years. She is always accommodating and extremely professional. The experience was total bliss, with pleasant sounds and smells which left me asleep on both occasions. The treatment lasts about an hour, with absolutely no discomfort whatsoever.

I suffered an injury to the Rotator Cuff in the right shoulder as well as a partial rupture of the Achilles tendon. Both of these injuries are debilitating and accompanied by severe pain. After one treatment on the shoulder I continued playing competitive Polo Crosse with no pain or any other side effects. The treatment of the tendon was so effective that I could walk without limping and had No More Pain!

In fact, I felt so much better I scheduled a follow-up treatment just because of the unbelievable results.

This is a truly recommendable treatment and experience. But don’t take my word for it, come and see for yourself