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We have the latest and one-of-a-kind technology for Energy Healing available in South Africa. When   the   cells   in   the   body   are   at   disease   or   an   organ   is   not   working   to   its   optimum   capacity,   illness   is   the result.   Chemically   induced   intervention   can   suppress   the   symptoms,   but   do   not   address   the   root   cause   of this disease of the body. More   people   die   everyday   in   hospitals   from   chemically   induced   illnesses   than   from   any   other   form   of illness. Here    at    Juniper    Green    you    will    get    treated    for    your    specific    problem.    In    an    relaxed    and    serene environment,   your   health   can   be   restored   and   energy   will   be   supplied   to   the   organs   and   glands   that needs to be revitalized for the body to return to its natural state. No after effects. No allergies. No pain or discomfort. We   are   fully   trained   and   capable   to   treat   each   and   every   condition   that   is   listed   on   our   Website.   The   body has an innate ability to heal itself with a little coaxing from a natural source. Our   treatments   have   an   instant   response   and   most   patients   leave   without   pain   or   previous   symptoms after just one treatment. Trauma   and   shock   changes   the   chemical   composition   in   our   blood.   Falling   of   an   scaffold,   the   death   of   an loved   one,   divorce,   being   retrenched,   hijacking   and   assault   are   just   a   few   examples   of   how   our   bodies react chemically to trauma. Our Energy Healing Technology addresses these imbalances and helps the body heal itself.
Telephone:                     082 051 1213 (Katalina) 083 259 5357 (Denis) Pretoria East Clinic:    233 Mark Street Grootfontein Country Estate Garsfontein Rd Pretoria
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DISEASES, DISORDERS AND CONDITIONS These groupings are for easy reference only.  Some of these conditions are caused by other diseases or disorders or may fall under more than one category, depending on the cause.
SKIN CONDITIONS Acne Abscess Bedsores Burns Dermatitis Itching Leg Ulcers Oedema Psoriasis Eczema Sunburn Warts Varicose Ulcers
ADDICTIONS Alcohol Drugs Depressive Medication BACTERIAL INFECTIONS Boils Chillblains Osteomyelitis
BRAIN Stroke Alzheimers Disease Multiple Sclerosis Meningitis Migraine Parkinson’s Disease Senile Dementia MENTAL/NERVOUS Anxiety Insomnia Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Stress Shingles
LUNGS Asthma Cattarrh Pleurisy Bronchitis BACK Sciatica Prolapse Disc Pain CHILDREN Autism ADHD
GASTRO Biliousness Colitis Diarrhoea I.B.S. Stomach Ulcers Duodenum Ulcers LIVER Cirrhosis of the Liver Hepatitis Jaundice
INJURIES Repetitive Strain Ligament Capsulitus Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Cartilage Coma Surgery Trauma EYES Conjunctivitis Infection Degenerative Macular Disease Vision
DEPRESSION Bi-Polar Candida Chronic Fatique Syndrome M.E. VIRAL INFECTIONS Colds Herpes Influenza Inflammation Contusion
OTHER Diabetes Hypertension Hypotension Pain Neuralgia Cardiovascular Blood Disorders Adrenal Fatique Alopecia Rheumatism Arthritis

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